WOW I hit 300 today!

 I am so excited that i just saw my blog hit 300 followers today!  

See Molly jumpin' for joy in our bouncy house! lol

Thank you to everyone who follows and leaves kind comments! 

 Look for a few great giveaways next week for you all to enter!

There is still a day to enter the two giveaways that I have going on right now 
(not that there are any of you left out there who have not entered with 243 comments...WOW)


Anonymous said…
Who could resist following your blog?? You're AWESOME!
Mary said…
Congrats! It's because you are so awesome :)
melismama said…
Thanks ladies 8)
Jamie said…
I agree Robin what would we do without you ~M~,I sent you an invite on facebook.You Rock!!!!

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