A Mother's Homeschool Journey 5/20

The Homeschool Chick

My Life this Week:  Rain!  If we were ducks over here, we would be smiling all the time!  We had little relief from the rain this week, although thankful we are not in Louisiana, nothing like that here in NY.  Praying for all those people in the south without homes and so much water.   Still on the Weight Watchers band wagon and slowly losing!  We pick up my new (new to us) truck tomorrow and hand in the Suburban we have had for 4 years, the kids will be sad (they hate change)!  We had a bear get into our garbage this week and what a mess he/she left!  Also found two lovely mice skeletons in the wall yesterday, kinda cool!   I had my 2nd article published on The Homeschool Village this week! If you are considering camping with your kids, it's a MUST READ! Writing for them has been fun!

Our homeschooling this week:  BUGS!  Honeybees to be precise!  Next week ants!   We had some great blog posts this week with lots of FREEBIES...We are also on Facebook now and I am always putting free stuff on there for Homeschooling (once we hit 100 likes, we will have a great giveaway)!  We are in the middle of our Sun Scholar Summer Program and LOVING IT!  I so encourage you to stop over there and check it out. 12 weeks for $ 50 it's a bargain!

Places we went and people we saw:   We met up with friends and went to Chuck E Cheese this week and in the beginning of the week hosted a great Ice Cream Party Playdate (so happy that Catch my Party had our party in their rotation!)!

Favorite thing this week:   Watching my 2 yr old (just turned 2) count to 14 without hesitation!  She is awesome!

Homeschooling Questions I have:  Wondering what I will be teaching over the Summer months! Still planning.

Picture to share:

The kids Garden Challenge is going well!


Wendi said…
Lots of rain here too...but thankfully not as much as down south. Plus we were blessed with some awesome rainbows :)
Lindsay said…
Great week! We had some very spur of the moment learning fun at the beach :-)
Jamie said…
I cant believe you had a bear,we looked at the photos of the remains it left behind,BAD BEAR,it should have took off with the trash or at least kept it in the trash can.HAHAHA
Congrats on your next writing,you are just a busy mama.

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