Check out these beauties!

Well that's not what my husband said when he saw me pull them out of my

I am sure the person who threw them away and left them for the garbage man thought they were junk...Oh no sir, no way!  I will be using these two windows in the next few months for a couple of repurposed projects!  Be watching!  


phasejumper said…
Excited to see what you do with them!
Jamie said…
Those are gorgeous,just some hidden jewels.
musicalmary said…
You are a dumpster diver just like my mom ~ she used to embarrass me as a kid, but oh I wish I had inherited her creative genes now. I can't wait to see what you do!
Curious where you live. I have about 60 of those windows I'd like to get rid of. I know they're awesome for other projects, but I cannot find use for that many of them - and they're absolutely HUGE! :)

Lisa said…
Great find! I actually have an old window just like those hanging above my bed. It came from my aunt, who inserted a piece of an old quilt into it and I hung it horizontally. There are many things I could do to embellish it more, but I like it like it is. Simple. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!
Tina said…
Good find - I know you'll do something amazing with them!

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