Will be MIA for a few days

Happy Friday to you all! 

 As you read this we are packing up the Suburban for our 1st camping (tent camping) trip of the 2011 Camping Season!  It's Mother's Day Weekend and I am sure blessed to be a mother 4 times over!  We are meeting up with dear friends to celebrate and have a great time camping!  I will be back Sunday night to check in with you all! 

Mother's Day 2010 - me and my kids!

Here are some highlights of our last camping trip of 2010....We go to a great resort called
Jellystone!  Kids love it!

It's a "chain" camping grounds similar to a KOA.  Very clean and full of amenities!

The camping gang (meeting up with same friends this year)

Here is our tent - 2 rooms - Got it for Mother's Day as a present last year!

They have a flag ceremony each day  - great learning exp. for the kids 
(see we are still homeschooling here too..lol)

They have paddle boats for rent. Great exercise for MOM! (
This year my hubby and our youngest are joining us, normally it's just me
and the two kids.

The campground owns their own fire truck and gives the kids rides (we go too)

Found this beauty last year under some bark on our nature hike.

We even have "school" while we camp.
This year I made up some lapbooks for all the kids to enjoy!

They have never seen a "real" phone booth until we camped...lol...they all wanted
to squeeze in it...


Last year, we camped in Sept for the last time for the season and the camp
included a free pumpkin (U Pick) for everyone. It was fun! Hay ride and all...

Pray for NO RAIN (or at least little rain), safe travels for us all and no injuries!  Look for pictures of our Camping Adventures next week! 


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Have a wonderful time, Melis! Can't wait to see pictures. :)
musicalmary said…
Have FUN! But please, don't make your kids do school while you camp. ha ha ha!
Anonymous said…
What a great camping location! Have fun what a great mother's day weekend! I can't wait to go on our first trip!
phasejumper said…
Have a blast!! Your tent and campground look awesome! We bought some property this year that we'll be camping on this summer, but I'll be super jealous of your amenities when I'm going to the bathroom in the dark woods!
melismama said…
Thanks friends, we are heading out...

Mary - lol...we do have school....they just dont realize it's school....Outdoor Nature Hunts, bug hunts, lapbooks...it's fun for them!

Peace to you all this weekend! Happy early Mother's Day!
Tracy said…
Enjoy your weekend of camping! Love the camping pics on this post :) We've been camping twice a year in the NC mountains. Making memories from these moments is so much fun!
Happy Early Mother's Day!
Mommy of 3 said…
Hi Melissa,

Have a great camping trip and a very Happy Mother's Day! You are brave to camp, i have always been a little hesitant to give it a try with the kids. Have fun!

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