Beach lessons...

PRESCHOOL: Today we started our "Beach" unit from the Sun Scholars Program. We started by reading A Day at the Beach (with Dora and Boots) and then followed up with some Dora Beach Coloring pages we had!

Talked about sunscreen and how important it is to protect our skin (hey I see a health lesson there I can check off too!)

Then we went into our Scholastic Lesson

Math Facts Monday: Zachary worked on the computer today finishing up some 
multiplication tables. He scored 100 on all three!

This week daddy is home on vacation working around the house so I will probably be on the computer less (hopefully)


Kara said…
Ahhh....the multiplication of our summer projects as well :)
Tracy said…
Looks like great lessons! Great job on the multiplication tables! Have fun with your hubby being home! It's always a treat for us to have Daddy home!
The Adventurer said…
I can't seem to do any school when my hubby is around, seems to ruin our routine and the kids act up to get Daddy's attention:( Great job on the X tables:)
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Enjoy his time at home!

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