School shopping, gas prices & boys book club

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It's a Friday, about to thunder storm and we have done so much school today already!  Started out early at our local grocery store.  We skipped our usual breakfast at home and had a "donut" breakfast at the store.
 We do this once and a blue moon and the kids think it's such a treat...

Then on to the produce for some counting, weighing and color matching....

Gotta say hey to the lobsters....

After we stopped for was a great math lesson today.....Our local grocery store
has a gas program where you earn money off each gallon of gas up to 20 gal max.  After
we just shopped I was up to $ 2.90 off each gallon!  WA WHO!  So we stopped at
the station...original price was $ 3.87 (not sure how that compares to the rest of the U.S.,
but NY is notorious for high taxes on gas) and since i had $ 2.90 off each gallon
I asked Zachary what I would be paying for 20 gallons. So he had to do the math!
He did it correct!

Oh I love that program. 

Then Zachary had his 1st Boys Book Club meet up.  This was put together by a few
mom friends of mine. The boys had a few weeks and read "Stink and the Incredible Super Galactic Jawbreaker"  Cute book...they discussed, had Q & A and then had to draw a picture describing an idiom.   

Check out those HUGE jawbreakers that she got for the boys!

Z's was "Mad as a hornet"

Overall such a blessed day....time to work on the party details some more....


Mary said…
What?? How does that gas program work? How did you get $2.90 off each gallon? Enquiring minds want to know! :)
melismama said…
Mary, every time you go to the grocery store you earn a certain amount off your gas at participating locations. So I saved up for about 5 visits....and was able to get my gas discount up to $ 2.90! I drive a big Yukon XL Denali so I really need this discount! Saved a bunch today!
Lori said…
I love the real life school! I confess that I often leave my boys at home when I do errands- I'll have to rethink that. Your boys book club sounds interesting!
Diane said…
I sure wish I could have ready your blogs when my kids were growing up. My errands would have been quite different!

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