W.O.W. Field Trip - Part 1

W.O.W. - Way Over Wonderful......Today we bypassed our usual Timeline Tuesday (American History), and took a field trip to beautiful North Eastern Pennsylvania.  My friend, Beth, invited us up for the day to her parents home for some fun!   It was her and her three children (our usual Timeline Tuesday crew) and myself and my three little ones...we ventured about an hour and 1/2 from NY to PA and I have to tell you that it was one of the best days of 2011 we have had yet! 

 I have to break this into a 3 part post just to squeeze it all in and do the field trip justice!

Part 1....the trip there and the property....

Here is the bridge that separated NY from PA...we stopped right over the bridge
for a look see and some rock skipping...

Christopher and Zachary

She is getting SO used to her picture being taken now...she just poses automatically...lol


WELCOME TO Duck Harbor Pond....hundreds of acres of awesomeness! 

Coming up to the property we were guests of for the day....just wait
until you see this place!  

Nana and Pop Pop's home (parents of my friend Beth, Nana and Pop Pop to
the kids...)  Oh yes, it's breathtaking all the way around...

The view of the private lake they live on and the hundreds of acres they
own....this view is from their upper deck that I was standing on.

More of the front yard...

Please join me for part 2.... 
(the working horse farm & antique store...all part
of this beautiful property...)


The Adventurer said…
What a fab home. I would love to live on a lake. Kids look like they are having so much fun.:) Thanks for linking up at the Field trip hop
Tracy said…
What beautiful property and house! Looks like a great trip!

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