Fall Curriculum Clean Out - Giveaway

It's that fun time again where we get to help each other out!  I am participating in the Curriculum Clean Out (over at Homeschool Creations)...you see that little box on the right...yup, that's the one! 

I am offering up two packages for the Curriculm Clean Out party going on!

Package A
This total package is for the 2nd – 5th grade reading levels. 

New Books by Scholastic:
Ricky Ricott’as Might Robot Vs. The Mutant Mosquitoes from Mercury
Dog at the Door
The Flying Flea, Callie and Me
The Boxcar Children – The Pizza Mystery
Pet Trouble – Bad to the Bone Boxer
Just my Luck – embarrassing moments and the girls who survivie them
Shark Tale (Movie Novel)
Star Wars – Adventures in Hyperspace
The Magic School Buss – Blows Its Top
The Magic School Bus – See Stars

 Folder Game – Fast Phonics

Carlos Caterpillar – No Prize Surprise – a lesson in thankfulness and appreciation – watched 1 time perfect shape

Supplies: (all new)
Teachers Grade Book
Package No. 2 pencils (10 in pack)
Package of 2 small notebooks from Staples
4 Rubber Stamps – good for appreciation and encouragement and grading

Package B
This package is for Pre-K  - 1st Grade

New Books: (mostly Scholastic)
What is a Triangle?
Cave Home (vocab builder – Science)
How to be a Friend
The Voyage of Mae Jemison
The Flag we Love
Colors & Shapes (workbook – using stickers)
I can Print – this is a wipe off workbook

Books – slighty used but nothing written in
Mathstart group:  Seawood Soup (matching sets) & Missing Mittens (odd and even numbers)
The Cheerios Counting Book

Games (used by great shape):
Brain Quest –(Cards all attached together) Ages 3-4 – 300 questions and answers to get a smart start!

The "Fine" print....

  • Shipping to US Only
  • You MUST leave your EMAIL address to be eligible to win.
  • How to enter:  Please let me know which package you want to win AND tell me what is the most challenging for your school year so far.  (you need to do both in 1 comment to be eligible)
  • Giveaway ends on October 1st (5:00 PM EST)
  • Winner chosen using Random. org and posted on this blog on October 2nd 

Don't forget to hop over to Homeschool Creations and check out the other giveaways!  You will be blessed I am sure!

Giveaway Day


Beth said…
Package B! I think finding time to do everything not only around the house, but to make school just the way I want is the hardest! Great giveaway - Thanks!
Laura said…
I would love either package! My kids love books and games!

My hardest part about school is being FLEXIBLE. I'm very detail oriented and I'm a perfectionist, especially when it comes to planning and organizing. These are probably great qualities, if I didn't have to involve kids in my plan. lol
Sara said…
I would love to win Package B! I am just starting out homeschooling my daughter so the hardest thing for me is trying to get everything done (school work, housework, errands, etc) with a 2 year old boy on my heels! Thank you for participating in this giveaway!
Angela W. said…
Package B

The most challenging part is fitting everything in, so I guess time management :-)

angwells79 @ gmail . com
Kelli said…
Package B!! although package a wouldnt be so bad i would just have to save it for when he hits that age! :) my biggest challenge is keeping his attention. he would rather be doing work on the computer or playing outside then sitting down and working one on one with mommy!

thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Mary said…
Great giveaways! I would love Package A. :)
Great giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

I would be most interested in Package B. The thing that has been most challenging for us this year is doing enough to keep my daughter entrigued. She is moving through everyrhing alot faster than I thought she would and I am afraid of her getting bored! So...that is our challenge at the moment!

~Jamie~ said…
Either package would be a hit in our house! I have kiddos in both age groups. My most challenging...(we have to pick only one??)managine my 2 year old while trying to have school with my other kids. Thank you!
A day in the life...
Ticia said…
Package A.

We're struggling a little with US history, the textbook is a little high level for them, which I'd like to change.

adventuresinmommydom at gmail.com
kelly said…
Package A would be great! I think what is most challenging to me is the mess throughout the day...I have to really fight the urge to constantly clean up!
kelly said…
contact info for above comment....forgot to write!
Emily said…
I would love to win package A. The hardest thing about this school year has been finding time to do everything we want to do. With 3-4 hours of school in the morning and some free play time in the afternoon and a million field trips we want to take we haven't had much time for friends.
sbswtp said…
Either package would be awesome! The most challenging this so far this year...is working in our temporary school room...we are in the middle of a basement remodel...and it started leaking water :-( YIKES!
Sarahsherman at hotmail dot com
Lora said…
I'd love to win package B! The hardest part this year has been getting my son to do any thing with writing! His younger sister will trace and color our letters but he wants nothing to do with it!!

Anonymous said…
Would love the Pre-K & K pkg! My hardest challenge so far is getting in a routine. I have some great ideas, but getting things some what moving without making it to controlled!

Kathleen said…

Package B please! My biggest challenge this year is time management. With a 21 month old who likes to have all of mommy's time it's difficult to teach the older children.

Thank you for your giveaway.

kaylyn said…
I would love to win pkg B! The most difficult thing this year (just beginning preschool) has been transitioning from very casual "play-learning" to actual school/learning time. I still want to keep it casual and fun, but without a little structure it has been difficult to determine her grasp of things.
Kim said…
Package B! Consistency on my part has been the most challenging...I'm working on it!
Ethan said…
I would love package A! The most challenging part of this year is keeping my 2-yr. old distracted (and showing her grace and patience) while trying to school my older child! - Lauren
Nick said…
I would love bundle 2.
The most challenging thing this year is helping the 3 yr old not disrupt everyone elses work. He is a very ACTIVE boy and doesn't stay involved in much.
llfrobish said…
Well it's the first year and the first child being homeschooled! SO, we are trying to get into a groove and still have fun and enjoy each other. Day 16 done! My biggest struggle right now is not getting to caught up in doing it perfectly. I remind myself it doesn't have to be done a certain way. Plus the two toddlers are always an added bonus challenge. Life is busy. We'd love either package. Pkg A would last a long time for the up and coming crew. Thanks for sharing!
Lauren F
Stacey said…
hi there! thanks for the giveaway! i would like to enter for B package as i am homeschooling my PreK guy this year. I am also schooling his friend 1 day a week and more materials=more fun!
what's hardest? maintaining his enthusiasm, interest.
thanks again!
Jeanine said…
i'd love to be entered for package B. the biggest challenge for my year (so far) is pre-algebra with my 8th grader!
Brandi said…
Package B! My hardest challenge is focusing on both my preschooler and 1st grader at the same time as well as my 10 month old while keeping up on my household duties!!! It's hard keeping everyone happy.

edwardsmommy0705 AT yahoo DOT com
AshHadAns said…
I would love to win package B! Even though my oldest is in first grade, she is having so much trouble paying attention in school every day because she is so bored. So it would be nice to have some higher grade stuff for her to play with when she gets home. The poor baby gets home everyday and begs for me to do extra schooling with her because she wants to learn so bad!
I would love to win package B. The most challenging thing so far in our schoolyear has been juggling school for a (second year) first grader who is struggling, two kindergarteners and a preschooler. Learining to lean on Jesus!
camiesmom2 at yahoo dot com
Lisa said…
I'd love to win package A. The most challenging thing for me continues to be how to entertain the 3 year old while we have school, so she doesn't constantly interrupt. ;)
Anonymous said…
I'm having a great deal of trouble deciding! How about if you draw my number, you can let me have whichever the other person doesn't want? I could use either one! If I just have to choose, I think I'd go for package B.
Karen said…
Package B. This is our first year homeschooling. I am homeschooling my 7th grader and 2 year old. The most difficult thing I have encountered is the unschooling of my 7th grader.
Anonymous said…
We would love package A! Our biggest challenge this year has been finding science we enjoy.
marcee dot rodgers at gmail dot com
Kimmie said…
Would love to win package B for our daughter! The most challenging thing for me has been scheduling.

Kimmieandbucky @ gmail . com
Jade =) said…
Both packages look great, but I would probably choose Package A because it has books my First Grader would enjoy! The most difficult thing right now is keeping distractions to a minimum. Little Brother always wants to be in the middle of everything! heyjade[at]gmail
Mama Hen said…
I would love to win Package A. What a great giveaway!

I think the hardest thing for me right now is being consistent with all the running around we have had to do lately.
clarksrfun at gmail dot com
My top pick would be package A. My biggest challenge is planning our schooling time and occupying the baby while I teach the other two. Plus keeping up with the housework while finding time to teach is a challenge too. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.
shannonsweep at gmail dot com
Sarah said…
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Sarah said…
I would love to have package A! So far the hardest part of homeschooling has been getting the house work done too! Not that my house is destroyed, but it is much cleaner in the summer days!
k balman said…
I would love package B! It is our first year and so far our most challenging, lol. kbalman@gmail.com
Smileyhappychan said…
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Smileyhappychan said…
I would love either package, as I have a child in both ranges - which is also my biggest challenge - how to help them both and teach what they need, as well as have time to play with the 1 year old.

smileyhappychan at yahoo dot com
Anonymous said…
What a great giveaway! I would love to win Package B! The most challenging thing so far has been doing the work and getting things ready the night before!
I want package B since we are doing Preschool at home right now. the most challenging thing is keeping my daughter focused for a good length of time. :)
April said…
I would like package A or B. My biggest dilemna is keeping up school and home equally. If we have a great day at school dinner will probably be late but if I catch up on laundry we have to skip a subject or 2 :(
We'd love package B.

Our biggest challenge so far has been finding time to teach our oldest the skills she needs that the younger kids aren't ready for. They all want to do school and really want to do the same activities. (Our children are 4, 3, 19 months, and a newborn.)

Thanks for the chance to win!
a_heart4home at yahoo dot com
Mariah said…
I would love Package A! This is our first year homeschooling, so where should I start?! I am struggling to find time to spend one on one with my toddler, I am getting a lot of 'you are my mom, not my teacher' attitude from my 2nd grader, and I am learning that my perfectionism is NOT a good thing for our journey! There you have it! : /

Thank you for the opportunity to win!
Melissa said…
Package B

Our biggest challenge is getting our daughter to sit still more than three seconds.

MamaMunky said…
I would want the package #2 to use with my son CJ. The most challenging thing so far this year was dealing with mama drama at the home-schooling co-op that I was supposed to be teaching English at. Luckily some of the moms are still supportive and I'll still be able to teach.

Lindsey Aylward LindseyAylward@yahoo.com
LivingforGod said…
I'd like to win Package A. The most challenging thing for our school year so far is time management :).

Kristina said…
Package B would be awesome. The most challenging thing is balancing homeschool both of my children this year (8 & 4) :)

pkgbest at gmail dot com
AMY said…
I would prefer package A, but either would be great. I have a 1 year old, 1st grader, 4th grader and 5th grader this year. The hardest thing for me this year is getting into a normal schedule for the kids. We have already had to take time off for broken bones and surgeries. I hope the rest of the year goes a little smoother for us. Thanks! cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net
kristi said…
package B. my challenge is that i'm just beginning on this homeschool venture. lots of info out there and sorting through what would work with our family.
Ana said…
I have a a child in each of the categories,so either one!

I find it hard to stay on track. It is sooo easy to put things off, and then you get behind.

Erin-Elizabeth said…
I would love to win Package A! The hardest part of homeschooling this year is trying to school my oldest child while contending with a very impatient two-year old. Thanks for the giveaway.
crysmi said…
we'd be most interested in pkg B. the most challenging for me so far is keeping our preschooler interested and focused!

clclemons at hotmail dot com
Oh this is a hard one... I have kids in both levels but I think I am going to have to go with package A... lots of fun stuff for my oldest. The most challenging subject I have found is math. Without a doubt. Not teaching it, but making it fun and understandable at the same time. My e-mail is in my profile if you click on my name. :)
I would love to win package B, we are going to be starting PK next year. As far as home educating, totschool, I have had a really hard time keeping to a schedule which is why I am so glad we started working on things a little early; more room to grow!

Thanks for a great giveaway!

Martianne said…
Oackage A would be fabulous for my eldest son and the kids I tutor. So thx for the chacnce to win. The ahrdest part of being a homeschooling and part time working mom is balance.

mmstangerjunk at comcast dot ner
Martianne said…
I would also love Package B as I have two very young ones who could most deinitely benefit from it. With three chidlren, balance and flexibility is difficult for me to maintain. Thx fo chance to win

msstangerjunk at comcast dot net
amberlindemann said…
Thank you so much for this opportunity. I think we would really use package A and put it to good use.

Probably finding time for everything in 1 day is what I struggle with. My children love to read so much that it seems we spend most of our days reading. :)


Erica said…
Package B. The most difficult part for me is the organization, as well as the getting started. My oldest is just in preschool, and I've been trying to do stuff, but having a hard time being consistent.

me (dot) burke (at) live (dot) com
~Kela~ said…
Package A would be fantastic! My challenge so far is simply acquiring all of the curriculum that I need/want for the year.

email: knellums8@gmail.com
Angela said…
I prefer package 1 or A. My biggest challenge this year has been adding a 3rd child and having a very attention challenged older child. School takes all day long. Whew.

Sara said…
Package B please. This is my first year and the hardest thing so far has been our inconsistent schedule. My husband travels alot so when he's not here, life is off kilter. Then when he is here, it's hard to focus because we all want to spend time together.
semicciche at gmail dot com
Awesome giveaway! I would love either! But package A if I had to pick just one. Thank you!

jess_hak said…
Package B for me please! I would say that the most challenging thing this year (our first official year with an official K-er) is just balancing our time. Some things just HAVE to get done this year as with last year it was more laid back. However, I don't want to leave my little guys out of the loop. So we've had to toss and rewrite and toss and rewrite and toss and rewrite our daily schedule. :)
Chrystal R said…
I would love either package too! Our hardest is being consistent each and every day but also being flexible! Its that finding middle ground we are working on! Thanks for the opportunity to win! God bless you all!
pandc_r at hotmail dot com
I would love to win Package B. The hardest part about school this year is balancing both my almost 3 yr old with his Letter of the week Curr., and also my 4.5 yr old who we are doing the Weaver Curr. for K and Reading Curr. Along with keeping up the household. LOL! candlemarez03@hotmail.com
Katie said…
I would love package B and so far our biggest challenge has been being distracted by outside things (sickness, vacation, workmen at our house, etc). Hopefully we will be back on track soon
JS Legs said…
I would love to win Package A.

The most challenging thing for us this year has been trying to get the core subjects dealt with before going on to the "fun" things, like art and reading!

Lindsey said…
Package B. The hardest part of homeschooling this year is having a 9th grader, 1st grader and trying to teach my 5 year old who has Austsm and Sensory Processing Disorder. I'm also doing all his thearpy myself. All while dealing with my own health problems. This is the first year I'll be teaching without my Dad's advice, we lost him to Cancer in June. I refuse to give up! Lindsey lsolomon57@charter.net
Kim said…
I would love to win package B and the most challenging thing for me is to get my son to stay focused and for me to be organized.

natasha said…
I would love to win package "B". My biggest challenge is balancing school with the other household tasks and the two (soon to be three) other little ones wanting attention. Thanks for the chance to win! Loulou9903@hotmail.com
Jennifer said…
Package A! So far the most challenging thing has been keeping up on school work with a newborn in the house. sharpefamily0824@sbcglobal.net
Jen said…
package b. since this is our first year of homeschooling, i would say getting into a school routine is the hardest thing for us.

nsherlock said…
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Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Package A! getting into a routine has been hard for us this year.

sparklythings and fairywings at gmail dot com.
Gretta said…
Package A ~ The hardest thing for me is when curriculum doesn't work and I have to find ways to make it work or work around it.

bamagv at aol dot com
daivabaum said…
I'd prefer package B. My biggest challenge is to get my son interested, have him sit still and concentrate.. He's a very busy guy and his baby brother makes it even harder :(
poniabaum at gmail dot com
crshroyer said…
I could use either package as I have children in both age groups, but I would rather have package 1. I have 2 children which I am homechooling in the 2-5 grade. I have a 2.5 year old who wants to learn. My biggest challenges it getting the household chores done each day. I also find keeping a toddler busy while homeschool is quite difficult.
I could use package B. I am just starting out with my oldest at a pre-school/pre-k level. These would be awesome. I have trouble getting him to focus on what I want to teach him, instead he more directs me, having such great supplies might help it be less abstract for him.
Shannon said…
I would choose package A. My biggest challenge this year has been adding in a second student and trying to juggle my time. Thanks!
shannon dot fangmeyer at yahoo dot com
chris said…
package B... consistency is the biggest challenge
SaraE said…
We would love Package B! I have a 4 year old and a 5.5 year old (and a toddler). My biggest challenge has been trying to find time to do everything that I want to and not have my house be a complete disaster. I don't expect perfection but I do want to be able to walk through the living room! Having to juggle the needs of a demanding toddler as well is a bit of a challenge, too.
Mattie said…
Package B, please!
Our most difficult thing has been balancing schooling and helping my dad who is fighting cancer (he is doing well with radiation though!)

Tara said…
Package B would be best for my young kids!
Most challenging thing for me this school year was moving (3 weeks ago) unexpected while 35 weeks pregnant & my husband looking for a new job. But, God is good & the most unexpected thing may just just be the best thing too ;)

tarakelley05 at gmail dot com
Kalen said…
I would love package B! It is just right for both of my girls. Thank you :)

Kat said…
Wow, picking a package to chose is so hard! I have a preschooler, a Kindergartener, a second grader and a fifth grader (in addtion to two other kids who wouldn't want either at the moment lol). I think in the long run I'd prefer package A since I could use it now for both my 5th grader and 2nd grader and eventually my younger 3 would be able to use it as well. my email is:
jecsmommy(at)gmail(dot)com and my blog is:
Lindhag's said…
Package B
Finding the time to planning age appropriate activities (pre-K and K)!
I would love to win package A. I think the hardest part of this school year has been finding the time to do all of the fantastic school ideas I have found.

Melaina said…
I would love to win Package B...I beat myself up constantly for not being able to keep up on everything and still homeschool...I need to learn to let things go...Thanks for the awesome giveaway...Melaina

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