Fall inspired NO COST Centerpiece

I mentioned in my blog post on Monday that i was having some friends over for dinner (hubby was at the Giants game). I wanted to have the Fall feel to the table (without it being pumpkins).

You can see how all the elements blend well.

I am liking this some much I am making
more for the mantel...LOL


 I went outside and clipped three different plants from our yard (magnolia leaves w/buds, crab apple, and I forget the other). I arranged them in one of my Ball jars with some water, tied a ribbon on it and that was the focal point of the table.  I used a read round Dollar Tree placemat for the middle. I took one of my Dollar Tree votive holders, stuck a Yankee Candle (Farmers Market scent) in it, wrapped some burlap scraps around it and a piece of the same ribbon I used on the ball jar...the last element was the little apple picture. I had this already in the school room.  There you have the centerpiece. Cute and totally the look I wanted!


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