School, floods and a b'day party

Once again our little town is hit with flooding.   On our way over to a b'day party at our local gym, I took a few shots quickly as I drove...

This is water rushing out of several manhole covers...all over town...

School today:

Back to our Scholastic work...we LOVE THEM!

Sammie worked on match up from the Wizard of Oz Printables over at

Molly working on her numbers - two was giving her a hard time today.

More glue work for Sammie

Computer time

A little Lego Education Challenge work today for Zachary.

Our boards are filled up with completed work already...

Second book this week for Zachary...he finished one in 2 days (10 chapters)
and on to his 2nd - goal was 1 book per week..he is already exceeding that goal.

A few pics from the party at the Gym today...

I was so proud how Sammie followed directions and listened to the "coach".

Birthday boy is in red.

She is a natural at soccer!

We have not seen some of our friends in a while...BFF's....

Shibley Smiles


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