Chinese New Year Party and Link UP

Happy Chinese New Year
Gong Hey Fat Choy
(in Cantonese)!

The Year of the Dragon

Despite 3 sick children, and having to cancel our original plans to celebrate with another homeschooling family for a Chinese New Year celebration, the children STILL wanted to have school and celebrate the day!

We started the party with reading this book:

Then we colored these Dragon Masks and wore them..
(found at Skip To My Lou)

We ate and enjoyed some special treats at snack time!

I made Chinese New Year cookies and took plain fortune cookies
 and "chocolated" them right up!

While the children had some "down" time (original plan was to do the Dragon Dance with our masks on, but with all the coughing and runny noses, we went for what was behind curtain 2)

While they watched, I prepared the FEAST and set the table...

Each placesetting had a plastic red champagne glass (wouldn't be New Year without some), a Chinese Red Dragon Money Envelope, a "firecracker", a gift - Chinese Yo Yo, the surprise Fortune Cookies I made out of felt, chopsticks...

Overcome, adapt and improvise!

Yo Yo-ing

opened up the Felt Fortune cookies...SURPRISE!

Just like her momma - good til the last drop! lol

****Once again on my quest to only have a $ 10 budget for a school party... have I DONE IT? (well almost)

Dollar Store for red napkins and plates $ 2.00  Decor:  Paper Lanterns -  I had and embellished with some Christmas Ornaments I found at Hobby Lobby at 80% off total of
$ 2.50.  Other decor, I made myself with existing materials. I made the Fortune Cookies (with treats inside) and you can see the tutorial HERE.  The gold placemats I found at the dollar store for $ 1.00  for 8 of them.  The red plastic champagne "glasses" were from the dollar store but 1/2 off as they were "Christmas" decor and they wanted to get rid of them 
$ .50

I had some Chinese Yo Yos left over from a party a few years ago!  Cost $ 0.00   The Red Envelopes we had.

Fortune cookies dipped in Chocolate and Sprinkles. I made the cute printable pics myself. I bought the cookies at the grocery store and decorated them with stuff I had at home. 
Cost $ 2.50

Lunch: Pasta with red sauce, a salad, egg roll and bread and juice. Made for less than $ 1 a person! (for the orginal party attendees of 8) Cost $ 5.00

I found THESE cute Dragon Masks over at Skip to my Lou and printed for the kids to color.  Cost: $ 0.00

TOTAL COST: $ 13.50 (not bad for an originally planned party of 8)

Hope you enjoyed our party and pray the children recover quickly (and that momma stays healthy!)

Gong Hey Fat Choy

Be Blessed!

Your turn to link up your Chinese New Year crafts, recipes, schooling, parties or anything related!  

Link party will be open for the entire 15 days of 
Chinese New Year!

Have fun and tell your friends to come on over!

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