The Time In Between

Finally all the children are healthy again...boy last week was rough!  

End of the month is always a time of catch up, mish mosh for us...usually we are about done
with our unit studies for that month so we are just doing some
clean up work...

As a reward for really being good last week while all under the weather, I decided to take them to one of their favorite places, Chuck E Cheese.

We had the place to ourselves for the two hours we were there! 

When we returned, we had school....Read this today!


Zachary had an assignment to make something using his educational LEGOs that
had the theme of Renewable Energy...he made this wind turbine. Ran on a motor
and worked like a charm!

Linking this LEGO Creation up to

Ideas galore, printables and more.

Getting ready for the Superbowl!

Be Blessed!


Dawn said…
I love the idea of including Lego's into school.
I'm so glad everyone is better - I think a trip to see the big mouse (and I don't mean Mickey) was definitely in order!! :-)
P.S. -- love the Legos!!!
Lindsay said…
So glad everyone is healthy again! Love Zachary's wind turbine! What a fun reward for being good despite being sick!
Rebecca said…
What a great idea! My kids are loving legos...what a blessing they are in so many ways. We had a rough month from Dec 16-Jan 15 with the kids being, I am thankful your house recovered so quickly!!! Can't wait to show this to my kiddies and let them give it a try!
Susan said…
Wow! This is great! My girls love Legos too :)
Thanks so much for linking at Look What We Did!
Theresa said…
Wow! So cool!! We love Legos here too!!

I am guessing from your header that you are as excited as we are about Sunday!!! Woot!!! Go Big Blue!!!

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