Seuss, Oreos and Fun!

Happy 100th Birthday to the Oreo! 
(if that's not reason to celebrate, I don't know what is!)

 I think I have eaten at least that amount of Oreos in the last month!  
I can't resist the spring colored ones 8)   
 I must stop buying them so I dont eat them all alone!

We did make it to our local Price Chopper (food store) today for our FREE Package of them! lol (so much for will power)..Each child wanted a different kind! LOL...

We saw friends there also getting their Oreos!

yeah..the Spring package only has a few Golden ones are new!

What we have been working over the last few days....

 I found this story hat over HERE:

finding great Seuss printables out there like this one from Living Life Intentionally

Health and Science mixed together today....Talking Organic

Kids made a Hex Bug maze for their bugs...
(things creep me out, but right now, better than asking for a dog)

Working on a few parties and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING FRIDAY!

Have a great day and BE BLESSED!


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