W.O.W. = Way Over Wednesday

Now don't read that the wrong way...we are not OVER Wednesday - but WAY OVER WEDNESDAY as in a WOW Day!

The temps soared to a balmy 55 today here in the NYCish area! 
We did our book work fast and got ourselves OUTSIDE for 6 hours! 
 Hiking, playing, exploring, looking for the signs that Spring is around the corner...

On our sandbox, there was still some ice...the kids loved this that the leaf was going to come back to life once the ice melted! lol

Ah our Magnolia bush - SPRING is coming...

We found this tree growing - strange huh...the kids called it a Dr Seuss Tree!

Exploring for Fairy Houses...this was by far the nicest!  No one was home 8(

Do you EVER look up?

We are hosting a small St Patrick's day Brunch (for those of you who might remember, my FIL passed on suddenly last year a few days before St Patrick's day, and his birthday is on St Patrick's day, so I am anticipating a rough day...trying to keep busy!)  This is a little goodie box for the kids - the Leprechaun will be leaving them!

One of my favorite trees in our backyard.

Little sneak into what my weekend will be full of!  I styled and planned
a Carnival Birthday for a young girl...things are rockin!  

We are off to The Bronx Zoo tomorrow!

BIG NEWS (officially) coming FRIDAY!

Be Blessed!


Anonymous said…
I love that last picture! Looks like a fun party.. excited for the big news :-)

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