Happy Birthday Molly!

Another year has passed me by and our sweet Molly turns 5 today!  Her brother and sister and I will be taking her to the usual, Toys R Us for her complimentary crown and balloon and let her pick something out.   Then daddy will be meeting us for dinner at Texas Roadhouse where Molly can order her favorite - steak...(daddy's girl for sure) We got her a little something for the morning to open and daddy is picking up her new Razor Scooter tonight to be given at her Pirate Party on Saturday!  

Here is a link to last year's party (which happens to be THE most popular post I have ever done)!


Rebecca said…
Oh, so sweet!!! Enjoy the birthday celebration - I'm sure it will be amazing!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Molly! I hope you have had a great birthday!

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