New Summer Schooling

Here at The Joys of Home Educating we home educate year round, never really taking long breaks. Which works great for US.  This Summer I decided to try something different.  I posted the other day about taking Friday's off in the Summer (June - Sept) with only reading and our Summer Bowling Program on the schedule for Fridays. I love that this leaves room for playdates, camping etc....    

Today I made up a subject schedule for Molly and Zachary to follow.  Typically we cover 3 - 4 subjects per day. Summer months - only 1 subject plus reading (that is necessary in our home every day!)  Kids are so happy. I even gave them an IPAD Schedule and incorporated that into their subjects.   Here is what our Summer will look like:

Monday - Social Studies 
 (June's topic is US Presidents)
Tuesday - Writing
Wednesday - Math
Thursday - Science

Almost every day we are able to get outside for some Phys Ed plus our bowling helps with that!   Some days I will throw in a Scholastic Newsletter or something "fun" to do.  Crafts (for the girls) almost every day.  Molly is still writing her books  - on book 3 now!  GO MOLLY!    LEGOS almost every day for us all!  Then playdates, camping and exploring!  Going to Crayola Factory this month!  Camping - Father's Day Weekend and of course, the Bronx Zoo (one of our favorite places!)

Hung up our C-Span American Presidents Timeline. This is a HUGE
hit with the kids and the adults. We are learning so much!
THIS WAS FREE over at C-Span Classroom - they have so many

Summer Safety - Scholastic!

Don't bother me MOM! LOL

What type of schedule do you keep in the Summer Months for schooling?

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