Boys Book Club - summertime!

Last year a few of my gal pals decided to have a mini book club for our boys.  The boys had a great time reading some of the STINK series (by Megan McDonald) and playing around.  See last Summer Book Club HERE!

This year, again, they started the Summer off with STINK and the Midnight Zombie Walk.  Today was their meeting day to discuss the book and work on some follow up work.

The hostess today - Dawn of Dessert by Dawn!
Of course there would be sweet snacks!

Aren't these peanut butter zombie eye balls just soooo cool!

some fun take home work she provided for them

I just love that they all get together and discuss a BOOK!  Hope maybe this inspired you to start your own club for your boys! (or girls)

Have a blessed day y'all!

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