Path to the Presidency - all grade levels

We all know this will be a very important year for teaching about the Path to the Presidency.  Only comes around every 4 years so I am taking advantage of it even if the kids are a little too young to understand it all. I have come up with some FUN activities that would be great for any lesson plan!

Lesson plans for Path to the White House (more advance but great links)

Make a Campaign Poster - how fun for them to campaign at home!

How the President is Elected

Campaign Ideas for your classroom - this is a great site for elementary teachings

Activities for Election Day


• Make a poster that describes the platforms of each party and the issues that are important for this election. 

  • Make up your own Campaign Button (fun for little ones)

  • Have them fill out a Registration form

• Make a poster about the person who is running for president, class leader,etc.

• Write a speech in the style of one of the candidates. 

• Write a speech that you wish a candidate would deliver, on an issue that’s important to you. 

• Have a debate. 

• Plan a convention:  (I smell a party here..LOL)  What will make your convention memorable? How will you pay for it?

• Make a Venn diagram comparing issues or candidates. 

• Take polls. Can rephrasing a question change the poll results? 

I am excited to put together our lesson plans for Sept - Nov using these sites.  I hope you find some useful printables and lesson plans for your Path to the Presidency teachings!  

If you know of any other sites, please feel free to share in the comments section!

Be blessed!


Mary said…
Love it! I am working on a unit right now- some great ideas here!
melismama said…
great Mary would love more ideas if you have any!
Rebecca said…
This looks great. I will have to add your ideas to my Freedom Friday Free History lessons at hone

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