Crazy Lazy Dayz

The Holidays are such a busy time for us...with church activities, school, visiting, parties etc.  Every once and a while we "take a day off" and just play games, watch fun movies and eat popcorn (among other snacks).  

However, I find that the children are ASKING for more on those days. They thrive on the routine. They WANT to learn!  That excites me and exhausts me all at the same time...  There are days when I want a break also!  I call those our Crazy Lazy Dayz,  Those days I pull out the lapbooks that I have made...get out our Scrabble more to them....they are fun days and usually require little planning on my part but learning is still going on...

   I hope to have more of them coming up in the next few months!

What we read last week....

Our Science...

Our newest friend that comes to the window daily.

Looking forward to what next week brings!

Be Blessed!


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