We are POWERful

Our power is back on and we are doing what we can to help others that are displaced, without and hungry. Making food, donating winter clothes, shoes, toys etc.    We were out for just about 6 days and the children never complained once!  Still so may in our little town without power. 8(

Lucky for us we had a generator that gave us a little light and our refrig kept going.

sharing a meal with other friends that had no power. 

we had our Halloween Party despite no real power. 

This week we will be "celebrating" election day and continuing to find ways to help those without power. 

The POWER of prayer is strong...so I ask you to keep the prayer chains going! Thanks!

Be Blessed!


La Donna said…
We are praying for you guys, and everyone up there. Joel (in his little 4 yr old mind) still thinks the hurricane is happening bc of what he sees on the news. I'm sure for some it does feel like it's never ending. So thankful to see many smiles in the pictures. Prayer is a strong and mighty power. Love ya!!!

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