Fun Friday Facts....and a Birthday Celebration

This week has been a great school week....with our Penguin teachings, Antarctica, Digestion and more.... Here are a few facts that we learned this week that you might be surprised to know:

1.  Did you know that you will never see a Polar Bear eating a Penguin?  Why you ask.  Because Polar Bears are Arctic animals and Penguins are not.  You wont find any penguins at the North Pole. But you will find them at the South Pole. 

2.  The best way to describe the difference to young children about the Arctic and Antarctica - the Arctic is a body of water surrounded by land. Whereas Antarctica is a body of land surrounded by water.  In the Summer months Antarctica is about 1/2 of it's Winter size due to ice melting.  In the Winter it's double the size of the US and Mexican put together. 

3.  The Emperor Penguin can reach heights of over 4 feet and weigh 90 lbs.

4. Fun fact about your digestion system - did you realize that your small intestines (adult) is over 24 feet long?  I measured that out for the kids on the floor, even I had a hard time believing that!  

some of my favorite Zoo pictures this week....

Loving the resources I have for body system teachings....

Great show on Digestion from The Magic School Bus

At the Bronx Zoo this week we had the opportunity to see 2 almost extinct animals. One being the Chinese Yellow Headed Box Turtle (only 150 left in the wild). You can read more HERE about those. 

sorry this picture has such a glare. These babies were loving the attention.

The other animal being this frog (totally forgot the name now, sorry)  It's so small and fragile looking. 

Molly wakes up yesterday morning and informs me that her dog, Chewy, has a birthday today!  What does a mom to do...go to the freezer and take out 4 cupcakes from her emergency stash...frost them and have a party! 

It's been a great week!

Kids have been skiing already this season.....we still have snow but its suppose to be warmer today and it's starting to melt 8(    We booked a ski vacation for late February in Vermont so we have that to look forward to!  

Until next week - Be Blessed!


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