Kiwi Crates - heard of them?

For Christmas both of our daughters received a wonderful gift from their Bubby (my mom).  Each month they will receive this green "crate" with 2 crafts in it (and extras!). 

It's called Kiwi Crate. I first saw this product on Good Morning America on one of their Thursday Bargains.  I called my mom soon after that and told her this would be a great Christmas present for the girls. Something that comes each month and it's a craft!  

 Since my mom ordered them so far in advance I had a few stacked up in my closet waiting for Christmas.  Low and behold we opened a few and this one happened to be the Antarctic Adventure one!  

BINGO goes right with our unit!

Packaging - very creative and eye appealing

Craft products are high quality - no dollar store stuff here

easy for even preschoolers - perfect for children 4-7 yrs old

even give you many extras for "extra fun"

Very educational!  Always a section in each "booklet" that says "Things to think about"...On the back of the booklets it gives you information on the "designer" of the particular craft in the crate.  Love this! 

If you don't want to buy two individual crates you can by 1 membership and have the "sibling add on" - this adds product to the crate for a sibling without the entire extra crate for a minimal fee. 

I can't say enough good things about this product.  
At less than $ 20 per crate per month (includes shipping) I just don't know how this company makes much money! 

If you are interested in a great quality product...GO HERE for the website!  

I was not given any money or free products for my opinions, just feel great about a great product and wanted to share! 

Until tomorrow

Be Blessed!


Michelle said…
How fun and exciting!!!!
Anonymous said…
These look like so much fun! I bet your girls will love them!
Mama Bird said…
Very neat, I have not heard of these before!
Stevie said…
December was such an awesome crate! I truly enjoyed watching my littles get along while making art and decorating the penguins! ...My tot even insisted on painting her penguins! Happy New Year!

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