Off to a great start....

It's our 1st day "back" to school and we started off great..mind you the girls are far from 100% but stuck with it!

January brings us to Antarctica...swimming with Penguins and out in Space!  Zachary will also be studying the human and lead into February with the heart and blood!   I am so excited about the first three months of the year..all planned out!  

cute worksheet - free to download

Having him read to the girls. Love this time!

The resources that I am using this month...

Penguin Word Families - Playdough to Plato
Worksheets from
Ipad Apps
Scholastic Weeklys
Books from our library and home

Hope your day is great!  

Be Blesssed...

Tomorrow - all about Kiwi Crates! 

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Heidi said…
Looks to like even if they weren't totally back in it, they were still having fun and learning! Sounds like you have a busy and productive next 3 months planned! Thanks for linking up with us over at NOBH!
Yay for a new year!! and yay for you planning out the next three months!! Way to go--it looks like a ton of fun!!
Mary said…
Such cute activities. How do you decide what you are doing month to month?
melismama said…
Mary - I really just go by the seasons, holidays, weather and what we have left to my "big yearly" plan....
JDaniel4's Mom said…
This looks like a wonderful unit! Thank you for sharing it. I will be sharing it on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page tomorrow.

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