Preparing for BEECH

Nope you did not read that wrong...I am preparing for BEECH - the BEECH Retreat that is.   BEECH stands for Bold, Equipped, Empowered, Changers.  BIG WORDS - Let's break this down -

Bold - yup that's me:   Equipped - the only tool I really have on my side is the Lord - so Yes I would say Equipped describes that:   Empowered - ALWAYS:    Changers - I live that life...change is part of who I am!

So is BEECH for me?  Oh you can bet your bottom dollar on that! 

This is a vacation conference that takes place in a very beautiful place on earth - Captiva Island in Florida at the South Seas Southern Resort at the end of January. Yah that won't suck! 

Now the flip side of this wonderful time away is that I am getting on a plane, trusting a team of people to get me there safely, leaving my family, leaving the hubby home to "teach" the children, praying no bad weather here in NY and so on and so on....all those things are in the back of my mind. I will continue to pray about them all as well as praying for the other attendees and speakers!  (Not to mention the only flight in the afternoon home gets me home exactly when the Super Bowl starts! AHHH) 

So what do I do to prepare for a journey such as this?

Making menu lists so that the family will eat while I am gone. (making sure food is in the house)

Making sure the hubby knows which gym classes need to be attended on time. 

Leaving lists for hubby of doctors, leaving insurance cards home, leaving my itinerary for them.

Making sure laundry is clean and put away so everyone wears clean clothes.

Would they all survive if none of these were completed SURE

Will I have a better time knowing I did all I could do to prepare them for my absence?  SURE

Personal things I am doing to prepare

Bring business cards - hope to pass them all out!
Visiting other blogs of attendees to get to know them better.
Bringing a few goodies 
(surprises) for a few close blogging friends ;)

I am preparing to see some IRL bloggers that I have had the pleasure of spending time with before!

I am preparing for an emotional time...a time of fellowship...a time of learning...a few walks on the beach and more...

So as I PREPARE, if the Lord leads you, I would love for you to put me and other attendees on your prayer list - keeping our families safe while we are gone...keeping us all safe at the conference....

I am linking up over at Homegrown Learners - as Mary prepares for her journey also!  Won't you join me over there...

Until tomorrow - Be Blessed!


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