Collage Friday and a Special Birthay

It's Friday and you know what that means? YES - hanging with Mary from Homegrown Learners today. Won't you grab a cup of coffee (or tea in my case) and join me. 

Homegrown Learners

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day. Started off with the Easter Bunny leaving baskets with some books, games and a few pieces of candy.  Followed by a beautiful church service and then home for a day long feast with friends and family. 

It's all about the Weather in school this week.  Learning about the Water Cycle, Wind and more.  Looking for some weather related resources and what we worked on - you can check THIS post out from Weather Wednesday

TODAY is a very special day!  It was 6 years ago this morning that our sweet Molly Elizabeth came into our world.  I will admit having a girl was probably one of the scariest things in my life (lol). I had only raised boys up until this point.   She is everything I thought little girls could be  - drama times 10, elegant, graceful, girly and more...I am so proud to be her mother!   Her party with her friends is tomorrow (Horse theme at the Harness Racing Museum - watch for that party!) but we started the weekend celebration yesterday with her annual trip to Toys R Us to get her balloon and crown. With a stop by Friendly's for Ice Cream.  Today is lunch with friends, presents and a church event tonight.  Tomorrow her party with her friends and then Sunday we pick up our camper and my oldest and his fiance come for dinner and more celebrations!  

It has started to warm up here in NY and I am so glad because these kids and this momma need the fresh air!  

I took these shots last year at a local farm market - I just love the reminder that God's beauty is springing up!

I pray your weekend is blessed with more hugs and kisses than you can take! 

 Until next week - be Blessed!

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Mary Prather said…
Happy Birthday sweet Molly!

Hugs to you, my friend....
OSOTM said…
Happy birthday Molly!

Weather is such a fun thing to study! It's been a while since we did weather, but I've PINNED a lot of ideas! LOL

Yay for warmer weather! I'm happy to see lots of MUDDY BROWN ground right now! Soon it'll be green again!
The Adventurer said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl:)
Dawn said…
Your pictures are so clear and lovely. I enjoyed visiting with you.
Blessings, Dawn
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Molly! Sounds like a great week! :-)
Anonymous said…
Such beautiful photos and signs of spring!

I have a Molly too...and she is also horse crazy:)

Hope she has a happy birthday!
Jonas Smith said…
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