Trip to Watkins Glen State Park

We recently took a 5 day trip to the Fingers Lakes Region in Upstate New York.  Known for their winerys, the Finger Lake Region is a gem of a place to take the family. I have been to this region of NY plenty of times and it never gets old. The scenery is just breath taking.  This trip our main focus was  the Nationwide and Sprint NASCAR Races (more to come on this experience)
We did have time to take a detour and visit the Watkins Glen State Park.  This park is something to behold.  God's beauty at it's best!  It's only $ 8 per car load to enter and well worth every penny.  We only did a fraction of the hiking trails due to time and level of hiking knowledge (kids mostly).  The morning of - it rained cats and dogs all a lot of the trails were puddle ridden.  Humidity was 100% (hair is not looking  but we had a great family hike!  There are SO many waterfalls at this park. The kids and hubby were in awe. (I had hiked it before.)

See those stairs to the left of the picture...we had to climb those to get past this area. 

Behind them is a waterfall that you could walk behind without getting wet (just a little misty). They loved it!

You can just imagine how fast this water was rushing.

All the trails were marked.

I set up my camera on a rock ledge (daring I know) to take this. No one was on this trail at the it was all about the timer for this picture.   

You can see the haze and mist coming from the top of the gorge in this picture. It was sooo pretty.

One of the many bridges we had to cross.  Pretty high up. (thanks to Daddy for taking this picture).
I highly recommend this park to anyone who is a lover of the outdoors!
Be watching the blog for our Adventures in Camping at NASCAR!  Coming up!


Brenda Johnston said…
These are gorgeous pictures! I am putting this park on my bucket list! We travel in our RV whenever we can take breaks and we haven't done NY yet! Thanks for sharing.
Tina said…
Beautiful! Glad you had time to take the family there. Such an awesome place!

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