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Welcome to a Hauntingly Ghoulish Collage Friday!  Where I team up with other HomeGhoulers to bring you the latest and greatest happenings!  Miss Mary over at Homegrown Learners is our Hostess!

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Last weekend was our much anticipated Family Halloween Party. It was a cold and windy day but it did not stop over 100 friends and family from coming out to party with us! (I know not everyone is a "celebrator" of Halloween and being Christians as we are, we have made the choice, for now, to let the children have fun with it...your opinion may or may not agree with ours and we respect that!)

We had so much fun!  So many children and adults dressed up despite the cold.  We were all kept warm by the two fire pits we had going and dancing to the DJ helped keep the blood flowing! (for more on the party with awesome pictures - please check out the feature at D and P Celebrations HERE)

Sammie was the Wicked Witch of the West and Molly was Glinda (the nice witch from the North) 

I loved the adults getting in on the act also!  The family in the middle did an entire family group costume - DON'T YOU LOVE IT!  

For a few days after the party we had our very own complimentary clean up crew!  These pics were taking the morning after and the day after that...LOL...he or she is an adolescent black bear.  Pretty to look at...when I thought the bear had had enough for the day (almost going into the kids playhouse)  I went out and clanked my pots and pans and away it went.   Black bears are pretty skidish and I did not mind it bulking up for a long winters nap.  The deer scared it away one time....LOL

 We always attach a charity to our LARGE parties to help out the community. This year we chose the local humane society.  We asked for monetary donations and were able to raise  $ 105.83. YIPPY!  

The children and I brought it over Monday to donate.  Zachary was extremely moved and upset by all the animals in the shelter. As you can see by his face, he stopped crying long enough to take a picture.  He has such a HUGE heart for those in need. (thank you God!)

What's happening in school.....

Zachary just finished Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and started White Fang.  The girls and I are reading all kinds of Halloween books with marvelous illustrations!

We did a day of Fire Safety with drills. The girls were very dramatic!  LOL...Also Halloween worksheets from were a flowin'!

Our craft this week was stamping with paint and cookie cutters!  The girls had a ball (I even did

Zachary has been using his Ipad a lot to look up definitions of spelling words and to type his assignments.  LEGO building is always going on.

Sammie has no "ear" for music but LOVES to sing and dance!  Molly and her are constantly putting on "shows" (sometimes several a day) for the family. 

On Thursday we had a little "school party" and I took them to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Cute movie!  We trick or treated briefly around town. 

Be watching the blog each week for giveaways and guest posts.   

I am so excited to share with you all next week....I am a contributor to a new party/craft/DIY magazine and it premieres next week!  I am giddy with excitement! Watch for details on Instagram and on the blog next week! 

I pray your weekend is blessed with love!  Call a friend or family member to remind them they are loved - it will fill both of your hearts! 

Until next week - Be blessed!


Dawn said…
What fun! The party charity idea is great. We are supposed to have tons of bears around here, but I haven't seen any this fall.
Blessings, Dawn
Mary Prather said…
I loved visiting Polka Dot Magazine and reading your post about the party - fun!!!

All of the Halloween books look great, Melissa - great selection! I miss you, my friend.
Rebecca said…
Looks like a wonderful week! We're totally into Halloween here this week too :-)
Karen said…
First of all I read the article at Polka Dots and we expect an invitation next year!!! HOW FUN!! I also love the fact that you take up money for a charity. You look like you love Halloween like we do! Keilee was standing here looking at all the pictures and she was so happy to see your daughter wearing her headband! She said, "It is so cool to think of people wearing them around".
Also thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It is hard at times being a single Mom and I love that people can see how much fun Keilee and I have. :) Happy weekend Melissa!!
Phyllis said…
I love all your Halloween happenings. Boy, you guys do it big!
I love Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and my Quentin went as Mr. Hyde this year. Sadly, many people didn't know who he was...even after we told them he was Mr. Hyde. They had never heard of him! How sad. I am not a White Fang fan,however.
I love the bear. I wish we lived in bear country. I love them so much.
Thank you for sharing with us your fun week.
Lara Molettiere said…
What a fun celebration! I love seeing how much fun you create for your kiddos! Lots of neat books we will have to check out for next year, too. I love your little fluffy bear friend :) HAving grown up in the Smokey Mountains, I am quite partial to the little boogers. The mamas, not so much! :) Have an awesome weekend!
Kelli Becton said…
Congrats on the Polka Dot Magazine! Wonderful!

Looks like a fun family week -
Mary said…
As always, I am in awe of your party skills. The Bear- oh my!!

Your boy is sweet for caring so much - my Bradley loves the animals too.

I really enjoyed reading about your week - love the "Home Ghoulers" bit!
I can't believe you had a bear in your garden!! I'm in the uk where there are no bears. I'm not sure I would have been so cool if I had one in my garden!!

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