Boredom Busters - #NoSpendChallenge

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share some ideas with you that I will be using this month to help beat the boredom in January.  Many people get a little sad after the holiday hoopla is over and the weather can be gloomy in some areas. I know I am looking for things to keep me "up beat" in the month of January. 

With the No Spending Challenge , things might get a little stressful without some of our "usual" outings that cost a few bucks.

Your Library: What about a trip to the library.  Make a scavenger hunt out of it.  Give the kids a list of book titles or objects they need to find at the library.  Have them either sign them out or take a picture of them. First one to report back with all the books or objects wins.  Maybe let them pick out a DVD or a movie at home and have a family movie night! Maybe check out a neighboring towns' library (this is something we will be doing) and find out all about it. 

Books for your Kindle or Reader:  I know that there are some free books you can download (variety everyday) for the Kindle or reader.  Dive in!

Crafty Saturday:  make homemade Valentines for the troops or shut ins.  Get out those bins of paper, glitter and craft items and let the kids go to town making Valentine Cards that you can deliver to a local nursing home, pet shelter or a recruitment office.  Or better yet get a jump start on the school valentines - I love making homemade valentines! 

Family Movie Night:  pull out those DVD's and have a Spy Kids or Harry Potter marathon.  Pop some popcorn or veggies and dip. Stuff you already have in your pantry will do. Even PB and J sandwiches cut up small like finger food is always fun. Putting the blankets and pillows on the floor. Fun family time!

Spa Day:  soak in a bath, paint your nails, experiment with some smokey eyes.  Check out You Tube and learn how to do a fancy braid or different hair style.

Write letters:  Have the children (and you) write Thank You letters for gifts received.  If stamps are not already purchased, then put the letters in the mail next month, better late than never 8)

Hike and Explore:  Get the boots or sneakers on and go for a hike. Explore a place that is new to you. Look around, look up. Really take it in. 

Clean and Purge:  Time to get rid of the old and welcome simplicity into your home. Take on a different room a week or two a week and really clean them out.  Still have some VHS tapes around and no player?  Donate them to your library or shelter.   Deep clean your floors or closet. Gather up the clothes that don't fit or you will never wear again and donate to a shelter. Better yet, ask your friends if they want to participate in a Clothing or Toy swap. What's old is new! 

Learn something new:  Check out You Tube and learn how to knit or build a birdhouse. There are plenty of "how to" videos that you can pick from. 

Computer Clean Out:  Go through all those pictures on the computer and delete the ones that are out of focus or ones you will never use. Or better yet, categorize them so you can find them easy. 

Read the Bible:  Pray, read a "book" in the Bible you are not familiar with.  Share it with a friend. 

Ask a friend over:  Ask a friend or neighbor over for a cup of coffee or brew some tea. Fellowship can be very therapeutic. 

Pinterest:  "clean up" or categorize your Pinterest boards.  Or if you are not on, join up! 

Do you have any other ideas to help beat the boredom for No Spend January?

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SuperLux said…
I've always been doing the spa day idea. :)

I gotta try some of these here. I claim a more abundant 2015 and saving and spending wisely are steps to achieve it.
Lindsay said…
Great list!! Once I am over Strep Throat we are going to d a few of these things. Another suggestion I have is if you have a membership somewhere already make good use of it this month!
Barb said…
Great list! I'm gathering my supplies to get back into our Sunday afternoon craft time.
Barb said…
Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

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