Happy New Year's - Now it's time for the No Spend Challenge

Now that all the cleaning up from last nights' festivities are over, you can concentrate on what lies ahead in January. 


For our family, it means starting the No Spend January Challenge #NoSpendChallenge.  We start by praying about it. Praying that God will help me with the temptations of the 80% off Christmas decor that I could use for next year, praying that our children will embrace the challenge and not ask for delivery pizza each week, pray that we find ourselves content with what we DO have and not idolize those things.  

I will pray for you and your family as well.  Will you pray for us?

If you are just joining me, I do encourage you to read the previous posts on how to prepare for January.   You can join in at any time in the month. 

Starting UP - The Essentials

I also encourage you to keep a journal of sorts writing down what tempted you in the month.  How did you find ways to curb your spending?  What was your grocery bill? Could you have saved the budget somewhere in January?  How did this challenge change your thinking? What did you do to curb those urges to spend? Did you find ways to occupy time that might have been spent on line on those daily deal sites?  

I know some of you are already doing everything you can to not spend and that is excellent. If so, then take this month to encourage others while continuing your journey

REMEMBER: This is not only about curbing your spending, but about discipline and being thankful for the life we live everyday. The daily gifts we have been given. 

I am excited about the areas that I can save our family money and finding new ways to have family fun on a zero budget. Looking in our home for untapped resources.  

If you are "on the fence" on the challenge and think you can't possibly do it, then I encourage you to pick just one area where spending gets out of control and cut that back. 

I will be posting each Monday with new ways to help you out this month.  I will also be looking for accountability!  I hope you will feel comfortable enough to share your journey and ins and outs of the month. #nojudgementzone 

Our family wishes you the happiest of new years and we can't wait to walk this journey with you side by side! 

Be blessed and Spend Less!


Anonymous said…
I am really looking forward to pushing myself at the end of the month. I can usually start a challenge strong but I want to finish strong as well!!
Melissa N. said…
I am the same way Lindsay...but determined to keep up the momentum. The girls and I went to the library today and rented some movies we have never scene...free and fun!

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