Weekly Wrap up and a sneak peek at our new home!

Hi Y'all!  I am so glad to be able to sit and put my thoughts down in a quick blog post. It's been crazy around the house these past weeks but life moves forward. I wanted to catch everyone up on what's been happening!

The weather is beautiful this week in southern New York and the children have taking full advantage of it.  

I am finally sharing a picture of our new home!  We are not moved in yet but weeks away!  Packing has been a priority along with purging - gosh how much stuff one family can accumulate in 9 and one half  years. WOWZA!  This home and property has 95% of what was on our wish list. We have worked so hard and been so faithful in our finances and making smart decisions over the last 9 plus years it's finally paying off! 

This is a "farm house look" on the outside with all the farmhouse charm and more modern inside!  There are 9.5 private acres and you betcha I will use all of them to the fullest for homeschooling! 

I can't wait to have porch chats with friends on this wrap around beauty!

More on the house later on in a separate blog post, I promise!

What's been happening....

Samantha celebrated her 7th birthday with 17 friends at the de jong. She had a dog themed party and all the children had a great time!  

  •  Samantha continues with the martial arts. Keeping her focused and learning all the time about integrity, respect and discipline.  
  • The weather finally broke this week from 7 days of straight rain!  
  • For Sammie's 7th birthday she asked guests to bring donations for our local animal shelter in lieu of gifts. People were very generous! 
  • Bike riding has happened every day this week and I am so glad because my treadmill broke a few weeks ago and I was missing my cardio. 

We have playing a lot of games lately for geography and Molly has been LOVING her Look Book that she received for a birthday present from her "Aunt" Tina.  Mark my words you will see her designs on the runway someday!

  • LEGOS, LEGOS and more LEGOS - honestly they must be a staple in most homes with children these days.  My girls are going crazy for the Lego Friends sets. 
  • Sammie has been excelling in her reading and learning her site words. 
  • We have a cardinal nest in a bush out front. So far only 1 egg has hatched and as of this writing the one little guy has defined wings and gaining feathers! 
  • Rare picture of Daddy with the birthday girl!

What's happening this weekend....

Tonight: Molly is in a fashion show tonight and then we are going out to dinner as a family to celebrate.

Saturday - my mom and I are going to The Castle in Tarrytown for lunch (belated birthday present to me) - watch for Instagram pictures Saturday afternoon - this place is AMAZING!

Sunday - after church meeting up with my 3 gal pals for brunch at a local hot spot. 

I am working on homeschool plans for June and July during the moving process. I am leaning towards more learning apps, computer time and some workbook work to keep their skills up.  Any advice on homeschooling while moving would be greatly appreciated!

Probably more packing and making my lists for vacation - we leave for Virginia late next week for a 5 day trip for some R and R before we get too busy with the move...

What have you been up to?

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Mary Prather said…
LOVE the house, Melissa! I'm going to come sit on your porch with you! :-)
Mother of 3 said…
What a lovely home! How exciting!
Nita said…
I enjoy girls that have fun with fashion. Love the new home. Looks like a dream. And with us doing a cross ocean move, I feel your pain with the packing part.
Anaise said…
Oh! What a gorgeous home! I wish you a lifetime of joy there!!!
adventurer said…
The new house looks amazing. Hope the move goes smoothly

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