Lap books lap books and more lap books

I am on a roll today making Lap books for the kids. I made a numbers one (1-5) for Molly, a camping one for Zachary, a dog one for Zachary and have stuff cut out for a cat and bird one. We are going to be doing "An Animal of the Week"....

I have to get out my Letter of Intent to the school district next week...then we are OFFICIALLY "on the books" I guess you could call it...

Let's see - yesterday was mine and my hubby's 10 yr (being together) anniversary and he decided to play softball instead of coming home to see me...honestly, they needed 1 more guy or they would have to forfeit and he did not want that to happen, but I was not happy. I got White roses when he got home, but that did not make up for it.

Tomorrow is our 1st beach day! Looking forward to the weekly visits!


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