Our Camping Trip

I am calling it the "National Lampoons Camping Vacation"....and for good reason!

My two older children (Zachary and Molly) along with a friend, Tina and her two boys who are 2 and 4 just got back from a 4 day, 3 night camping trip to Jim Thorpe, PA (just on the far side of the Pocono Mtns.)

My Top 10 Lowpoints:

1. 5 miles from home on the way - christened my new truck tires by running over a woodchuck

2. 20 mins into the 2 1/2 hour trip children are asking "are we there yet?"

3. 45 mins into the trip children are crying they want to go home all the while everyone was riding our bumper!

4. Arrive at the campsite...no cell service at all

5. Campsite is "small" to say the least.

6. 2 hours after arrival...my DS cuts his finger real good on a jack knife

7. Children (all 4) at times have breakdowns lasting WAY too long.

8. Campsite next to us was REAL loud - of course it might have been their 24 inch flat screen TV they had blasting with the hockey game (come on really....camping....TV....)

9. sleeping for the momma's was extremely tough....the ground was hard as a rock...maybe cause there were rocks under our tents...lol...no grassy sites for us...

10. Didn't bring nearly enough wine...

My Top 10 High Points of the trip:

1. Going camping with just my two older kids.

2. The merry-go-round (from the 1970's for sure) that the kids thought was awesome!

3. The Speedies and salt potatoes!

4. The awesome train ride!

5. Tina's - special rice krispie treats.

6. My son befriending a butterfly...lots of love between them...

7. Making lots of new friends...from PA to Alaska and sharing the MLM info and card with a friend we met.

8. The Golden Eagle that flew across the hood of our truck on the way home.

9. Spending night time around the camp fire with Tina.

10. Coming home to my DH and DD.

There are only a few things I would have changed....1. Brought more wine....2. Brought less snacks....3. Brought an air mattress for myself.

The campsite (Jim Thorpe Campgrounds) - from a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 7 on overall but a 5 from what I expected it would have been.

Ah..now to play catch up!


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