Good Morning everyone - I was on this morning (great sale on books by the way), as they have a great sale on textbooks, workbooks and more for school inlcuding homeschooling. There is "section" of their page on schooling caught my is a section of their homeschooling paragraph:

However, homeschooling is not easy and parents should consider several issues before making the decision to homeschool:

Do I have the time to educate my child?
Do I have the financial ability to homeschool?
Do I like to teach?
Can I compensate for what my child is missing at school?
Does my child want to be home-schooled?

What's your thoughts on this?


Erin_hsm said…
I'm not sure what to think about that. For some reason, I was slightly offended at first, but now I don't know how to take it. I'm not sure if they published it with good intentions or an agenda. Odd.

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