Is it Tuesday already?

lol I laugh at myself saying that because yesterday just seemed to drag on and on. Eric went back to work today, although he did offer to stay home. My coughing is real bad, but last night I think the cough medicine might have helped a little because I did get a few hours of sleep. I also showered this morning and for a brief moment in time, felt "normal"

The prep work is getting done for Zachary's Lego B'day party this weekend. My girlfriend comes from Syracuse each year to make my children's b'day cakes and this year is no exception. The lego theme is alive and well. Although this year I am going to make sure it's more like a b'day party and less like just a family bbq. In fact the food is simple this year, deli trays and salads.

I found a new site and am so excited about it. The Homeschool Lounge. So far the moms are real welcoming and I am hoping to make some new friends...Well kiddies are still sleeping and I am enjoying a cup of tea before facing the day.

Enjoy everyone and God Bless!


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