1st day of school! WHA WHO!

Today was our 1st day of the new school year (full time)...We started at 9 am (EST) and just ended at 2:50 pm. I thought it might be too much for them being preK and 1st/2nd grade but they did great...broke up the day with outside nature time and playtime. Kids had a great time and so did I. So nice not having them fight or ask for TV! Here was our schedule:

Prayers - start at 9:00 am
Thought of the day...talk about it(today was do you like Banana sundaes or ice cream sandwiches? Why did you pick what you picked?
Letter of the Week "A" - practice and journal write
Snack Break w/ music
Outside for 30 mins nature time
Inside for lunch
computer time
Social Studies
End at 2:50 pm
Here are some pictures:


Carrie said…
Yea for the first day of school!! I hope you have a great year!! ;)

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