Farmers Market & inside!

So part of our schooling today on Day 2 was a trip to our local Farmers Market. Such great finds today!

First let me say we are doing a Unit on Dogs with our lapbook. We stopped at the library and the kids signed out 10 books having to do with Dogs (they also got a movie Underdog!)

Then we headed over to the market. We stopped at the baked goods table where the kids were awarded a free sample..YUMMO so they say!

Oh and also on the way into the market we came across a man who was walking his dog. Happened to my favorite breed...the Great Dane. Her name is Sadie and she is a beautiful Fawn color. The kids asked questions and petted the dog. It was great!

Then over to the veggie table...oh what a treat we got there. We are having a Labor Day bbq and I bought most of my fresh veggies there1

Then a trip to the Alpaca Table where we learned about how they arrived at this beautiful yarn from the Alpacas. The woman was friendly and very informative. Actually they are even having a Farm day in September that we can go learn more about them.

Then over to the pickle and pickled veggie table.Just had to buy some fresh pickles and mushrooms! We also visitied the fresh milk and cheese table. I bought some goat cheese with rosemary in it...OHHHH Baby! The kids sampled the chocolate milk and we ended up buying some of that...very creamy!

The only table we did not purchase as was the fruit...too expensive in my opinion and the jelly table. Zachary tried a variety of jellies but nothing he loved, so we passed on the jelly and jam.

Overall great more school!


Dawn said…
My kids LOVE going to the local produce stand, but we have never been to the farmer's market. I think it would be fun and I'd be able to get some good deals on produce too!
Thanks for you visit & comment on my blog today! Nice to meet you!
Heather said…
How much fun. I too found the produce at the farmers market that we visited to be pretty expensive... That being said, once our weather cools down I'd like to try another!

~Heather (coming via the hhh)
Tracy said…
This looks like fun and so yummy with all the produce! I'm following you back from Hip Homeschool Hop! Your children are beautiful, as well as your blog and photos! I read your profile and praise God for you being a cancer survivor! You are blessed and it's always refreshing to meet bloggers, like yourself, who don't take blessings from above for granted! Happy Homeschooling!
God bless!
Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"
Redheadedmom said…
Looks like a lot of fun! We used to have a famers market here but haven't seen it in awhile.

If you want a REALLY cute movie for your dog section get "The Ugly Duchound (sp?)" It's an old disney movie about a couple who's weiner-dog has puppies, the husband has always wanted a great dane and at the vet learns of a litter where one isn't getting enough milk from the mom, so the vet gives it to him and he hides it in with his wife's dogs puppies....... it's a really cute show! And old Disney wholesome :)

Have fun!

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