Fun Fellowship Friday!

I hosted a Pizza Party playdate today. The weather was awesome, thank God. The kids had a blast. I made several kinds of pizzas....BBQ Chicken w/cheddar: Pesto, Chicken & MOz; Tomato, Basil & Fresh Moz. and a grilled veggie with a chipotle ranch sauce. Of course cheese for the kids. We grilled them on the grill...the desert pizza was the best...chocolate, pretzel and peanut pizza....YUMMO

Glad the weekend is here..although we have a busy day's nice to have the hubby home 8)

Hope everyone had an awesome day!


Krissy W. said…
Thanks for hosting yet another fun party & play date :-) EJ & I had a great time!!!
melismama said…
So glad...yes the Pizza's were yummy huh!

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