God is Good ....All the Time

As a child of God, I am reminded that he is good all the time. Even if we don't realize it at that moment.

It's so important to take a step back, out of your own shoes to see the beauty in things. It's all around us. The simple dandelion flower or the black ant that is working it's way across your driveway.

Here at our home we have acorns starting to fall off the trees now and the girls are just amazed at them. They study them, pretend they are little people with hats on..lol...something so simple that God has created can entertain them for nearly 30 mins!

Believing for God to work: I recently (and by recently I mean 7 months ago) left my church where I was worshiping and in fellowship with others for about 3 years. The church got a little too "political" for my taste and I left my Sunday School teaching "post" along with the church all together. What surprises me, still, is the lack of outreach that i have received. When I attend the church I was friends with nearly everyone. Getting together, going out, attending conferences etc. Now that I no longer attend there, I hear from not 1 person at all. It makes me sad. I did try to keep in contact with a few but those relationships seemed strained with me not being there anymore. This is not the 1st time it has happened to me. What gives? Why are people sooo supportive and friendly when you are seeing them all the time but as soon as you drop off the radar so to speak, you hear nothing? I have tried several other churches in my area, but nothing seems to be a good fit. I am praying about it a lot and I know that i don't NEED a church but I WANT to be a part of a church and what it offers to my family. I need some renewing of my faith that I will find something soon. I even thought about starting up my own church and had two people interested, but they backed out. 8( I guess my ramblings need to come to an end and I have to get on with some lesson plans with the kiddies...

Thanks all for listening! Remember - God is Good - All the Time!'


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