Grocery Store and Learning

Took the kids to the grocery store this afternoon and I always make it a learning experience. The kids ate their way thru the store...deli = cheese, bakery = fresh baked bread, around the store...various other snacks...they were great and had a good time. Learned about Ounces today was the topic of the store visit. Zachary was really interested and loved checking out all the goodies we bought and the ounces.

Daddy has a golf outing so I have the kids all day and night so it's going to be a long night...I will be back later to write more... TTFN


AmyBarkerPhoto said…
Sounds like a great grocery store trip. You'll do fine with the kiddos, my husband is a trucker and gone all week, we only see him on weekends, so I can relate :)
melismama said…
Amy - dont know how you do it day after day...I love my kids to death but somedays I am spent!

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