I just booked my reservation and hotel for Relevant Conference in October. I have NEVER been away from the children for more than 1 night, so this will be a challenge in of itself. I am sure the time away will renew me. Being with other like minded women of faith will renew my spirit also! I just can't wait!

Thank you Eric for affording me this opportunity!



I'm excited for you! I went to the Savvy Blogging Summit in July and it was so incredible. I almost started to have panic attacks at the last minute when reality set in and I knew I'd really be away from my family and I hadn't been...ever more than a night...just like you. But I went and yes I missed them, but the conference was so incredible that I really was so happy that I went. I know you'll learn so much while you're there! Have a great time, make lots of new friends and don't forget to blog about it later!
melismama said…
Awe, thanks Tonya...I know it will be a challenge for my husband while I am away also, so of course, I worry about that too. 8)

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