Guest Blogging Post

I have had my 1st guest blogging post over at Stone Soup Homeschool Network. The Toddler Time Tuesday post was chosen to be on their blog! I am so excited. Thanks Stone Soup for this opportunity!


musicalmary said…
Yay! Good for you -- thanks also for the comment about my blog button. It's working now!
melismama said…
Thanks Mary...I fixed your button! How cool!
Tracy said…
Congrats on being selected as a guest post! That is quite exciting and well deserved!
Have a blessed day!
Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"
Truthful Mommy said…
Congratulations! Isn't so exciting to have your writing showcased on another blog! You go girl!Happy Wednesday!
Thanks for mentioning Stone Soup! I know people will love your blog.

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