Rainy Mondays = Fall cooking!

It's a rainy Monday here in NY and cool also. This was the perfect beginning to my Fall baking/stew making season! I have a crock pot of the most delicious smelling beef stew in the crock pot (little secret, besides all the veggies, meat and seasoning, I used a can of French Onion soup to flavor it more - YUMMO)....also we made an apple crisp and apple pie (hubby's favorite) today. Molly helped a lot! EZ breezy as my kids say 8)


Anonymous said…
Oh goodness me....that all looks so YUMMY! I'm making apple pies this week. Freezing 2, and, of course, eating 1!!!! Can't wait.
melismama said…
Thanks Hayley for stoppin' by. I am a follower now of your blog. Love it!
Jen said…
I love Fall too for all the good baking and cooking! Looks delicious :) Stopping by from HHH - hope you have a great day.

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