So today at Homeschool Village, it's Blast from the Past. Post a blurb about your favorite teacher from school and a picture if you have one!

The teacher that influenced me the most in school was Miss Hoag, my 5th grade elementary teacher. She was a mentor, a fashionesta and a great lady. I am not sure what happened to her now, but I remember learning so much about life from her. Not just the three R's. Enjoy the school picture! lol


Cheryl said…
Is that a girl scout vest? Too sweet! I don't think I had any fashionista teachers.
melismama said…
Why yes it is my girl scout vest think I looked like a little boy...Shawn Cassidy
Oh, cool! Girl Scout pic! :) I used to love Girl Scouts growing up.
Emily said…
LOL Shawn Cassidy look! This is fun though. I should post an old school picture. :)

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