School outside today

So despite the children having runny noses and coughing a little...I decided to have most of school outside today!

We discussed plants and leaves today. Did a few worksheets and a notebook page about them. Then we went outside - we started with collecting different shaped leaves, putting them onto construction paper and securing them with rocks so the wind does not take them. In a few hours, the sun should bleach out the paper and where the leaves are should be a leave print darker than the rest of the paper..They had fun.

Followed this up with some gym riding in and out of cones, hula hooping, chalk and more!

Also went on a nature walk, discussed textures and patterns..then played in the sand. So far so great!


Alison said…
Sounds like a fun day for everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower...I am now following you (and I'm a fellow Avon Lady too)


musicalmary said…
Looks like a fun day.... kids are SO much happier outdoors!

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