Thankful Thursday - whatcha thankful for?

Whatcha all thankful for today.....please share!

I am thankful that the heat has gone away and it's a fall feeling day today!
I am thankful that the good Lord woke me up this morning and got me out of bed!
I am thankful that the 9th anniversary of Sept. 11th is upon us and I did not have any loved ones killed that day.
I am thankful that my children are safe in their beds right now.

I am thankful that my husband has a great secure job.


I am thankful for...
a relationship with my Savior.
a loving husband and 4 beautiful children.
the opportunity to homeschool.
being a WAHM.
my church family.
my family & friends.

Stopping by from THL. Enjoyed reading your blog & following. Have a blessed day!
Carrie said…
All great things to be thankful for! I agree!

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