Apples, Bats and Fire Safety..this week in school

So finally October is are in full swing of Fall crafts and learning. I saw this great craft idea this morning on blog button 3 . It is making little apples or pumpkins using papertowl rolls...VERY CLEVER! Great blog for awesome crafts! I had paper towel rolls, glue and this was so easy! I cant wait to make more!

Kids started the morning with prayer and jumped right into Apples! Molly used a lapbook about matching up apples and Zachary was working on some Johnny Appleseed worksheets. We learned about Johnny Appleseed and all the walking he did while plant his seeds from PA to IN.

We then started our week long learning about fire safety and all the equipment that is worn by firemen. Watched a short DVD on fire trucks and gear and then had our craft playdate.

The kids made apple prints using 1/2 sliced apples and paint. Even the little ones loved it!

So far, Monday has been great!



Anonymous said…
The apple stencil is such a fun idea! Perfect time of year to study them too!
Stacey said…
Thanks for the shout out! Love your fall blog background too.
Mozi Esme said…
Love all the apple stuff!
Lisa said…
We did the apple prints last week. Fun and MESSY! I kept the prints for the kids to use as wrapping paper for Christmas this year. :)
musicalmary said…
Hi! I tagged you in a blog activity!
Mozer said…
Oh I love that apple paper towel craft! It turned out so cute!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. :)
Alli said…
So cute, great apple crafts, and easy which I like! Thanks for sharing...fall is in the air!
love this craft! Thanks for linking up to the Preschool Parade!

Cheryl said…
So sweet! I love the apple stamp idea, I'm going to steal that for next week :)

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