Fall Friday

This week has had the usual HIGHS and LOWS. Molly is sick so we cancelled our trip North today to see friends 8( kids are disappointed but we don't want to bring our germs there. So we are home and kids are in PJ's still...although the weather looks awesome, I am afraid we will be in since Molly is not well.

We started our Bats and Apples unit this week. Next week continue with that and then start on Pumpkins and Spiders! I am learning so much (or rather, relearning)! Did you know the smallest bat weighs as little as a penny and the largest as big as a cat?! Their babies are called Pups and they are the only mammal that flies!

The weather this weekend is suppose to be suburb Fall weather so a bonfire will be in the plans I am sure!

Only a few weeks until I go to the Relevant conference and I am still so mixed with emotion about it. Being away from my kids and husband is one side of the coin, renewing myself and time in fellowship with awesome women of faith is the the side of the coin. Both sides are awesome...but the heart is conflicted. I will continue to pray about it.

Have a great weekend all!


D and A said…
Please stop by my blog when you get a chance as I have a blog award for you there!

Have a great weekend,

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