Fall teachings

We are finishing up our Apple unit this week and I decided to break out the apple, peeler, corer for the kids to "play with". They love this Pampered Chef product. There is really no waste either, which I love. My son eats the peel, which resembles apple spaghetti and the girls love the round slices! It's a little messy if you have a real juicy apple, but they love it.

I was also able to get my son to read "to us" instead of to himself. He likes to read (which I love) and I want him to be able to read outloud as well as he does to himself. He did great. We read "When the Leaf Blew In"....great book!

Today is homeschool Co Op and we will be making Apple Cider! We made some pumpkin cookies and zucchini bread last night to bring to share with the group. Love Fall baking!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Anonymous said…
oo what a fun time! I love apple peelers!
What a great idea for fall!! I do unit studies for my 3 boys as well but we've never done an apple unit!! What a beautiful family you have!!

Theresa said…
My kids love the apple peeler corer slicer too!
OH, that looks like a lot of fun! We are going to join a co-op in January and hope it works well for our family, too!
God Bless,
Mozi Esme said…
You just reminded me I have an apple peeler/corer! Our apple trees had hardly any fruit this year, but maybe next year we'll have more fun with them...
Rebecca (me!) said…
HOW FUN! Apple Cider and some yummy treats! I love your apple peeler....really need to get one!
Thanks for linking up with the Homeschool Village!!

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