Grace is for Sinners

We all fall short. sin. ask for forgiveness. we are not perfect in this imperfect world. What we are is saved by the Grace of God. Thank You, thank you....oh Lord...I say a prayer of Thanksgiving in my heart. Not only for my family, friends but for those i have not met yet. Those who have come before God to say "Lord I am a sinner, help me find my way back to you."

At the Relevant Conference in PA last week, I and 200 other Godly women heard a woman speak, Serena Woods. She spoke of sin, of needing grace, going so deep she could not figure out how to come back. I connected with her on so many levels. The opportunity to sit with her and speak one on one. Even before the conference, I knew she was a soul I needed to connect with.

She wrote a book, Grace is for Sinners and wait with all my heart for it to be slipped into my mailbox. I know with my entire heart that this book will inspire me as she does. If you are not familiar with her, I recommend visiting her FB page and ordering her book. I will doing a review of it after reading it, but I know in my heart it will touch me so deeply.

Serena Woods and I having some fellowship time.

Thank you Lord for all the components that had to fall into place so I could attend Relevant last week. Especially for my husband who was my sponsor and took two days off of work to be home with our children.


Sharon said…
Glad to have been part of that fellowship time! Reading her book too. What a story. Heart wrenching right off the bat!!

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