Happy October & Friday Plus Preschool Corner!

It's still raining here in NY and I am thinking we should have taken some notes from Noah and built ourselves an Ark! Flooding is happening everywhere! I pray everyone is ok in their homes.

Happy October everyone! For our home this means Fall decorating! Hubby has to get in the attic and break out the boxes! I just love this time of year...crock pot cooking, pumpkins, apples, fires in the fireplace!

What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

One of our new blogs that we are loving is called Preschool Corner! Please see their button on the sidebar and link up! They are great!


Anonymous said…
I'm with you, fall is the BEST! Have fun decorating!
musicalmary said…
We are completing and decorating October calendars today and then getting out our decorations... I strung orange lights in the topiaries on my front porch yesterday. We love Halloween! I don't like going in the attic so much to get the stuff, but thankfully my nine year old thinks its a treat to go in there, so maybe I get to skip that part this year! Have a great day!
melismama said…
lol Mary, our attic is just short ceilings so it's hard for me to get around, but luckily its all together...10 boxes full!
Heather said…
We love fall because it finally starts to cool down here. We live in the Arizona desert and when the weather dips into the 80's and 90's we celebrate! :) Of course, we don't have the typical fall weather...

I'd also love it if you would send some of that rain our way!
Saw your button on another homeschooling blog and thought I'd check it out. Love it!

Have a great day!
Ruthie Joyce
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